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macOS is Apple's operating system.
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freben commented Apr 22, 2020

As part of clarifying what is part of the open source offering and what is examples or private code, we should signal these differences using package names/namespaces.

Suggested solution:

  • Let all public, published packages retain their @backstage namespace.
  • Change all private packages in the open source project (plugins/home-page, plugins/welcome) to be under an @internal names
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Codetree is a lightweight project management app with terrific support for multi-repo projects. There's nothing to install and it works in every browser.

Agile teams use Codetree to plan sprints and epics, and understand their in-flight work. Two-way sync with GitHub Issues means your team can work in either tool and everything stays up to date.

Teams from SeatGeek, Google, Telerik, MIT, Microsoft and CKSource trust Codetree to help deliver great software.

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kingcos commented Oct 30, 2018




OK,可以基本确定不是仓库 Owner 所为。而且有人用脚本监控了 Star 的用户的邮箱,并使用了随机的 163 邮箱。追查可能不太现实,大家不要相信即可。

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Mergify is a pull requests automation service. It allows you to trigger actions when your pull requests match defined criteria. 🤖

In a few lines of YAML, you could write a rule that automatically merges a pull request if:

  • it has been approved
  • the test suite passes

We have plenty of examples.

Mergify executes actions for you, freeing you from the burden of managing your pull requests. 🦾

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